RGC Among The Sleep

Idon’t really play horror games myself, but I certainly like to watch other people play them. Among the Sleep is marketed as a horror game, but it’s one that I’m excited to play.

Told from the perspective of a toddler, you wander through your house collecting things to find your mom. You find a series of memories while being chased by two monsters: the first three levels feature a ghostly lady who hums and blurs your vision when she comes near. The final level features a monstrous woman in a trench coat who grabs you if you’re caught. Instant game over.

Your only companion through the game is your teddy bear (Teddy), a birthday gift from your father. Hugging him gives you light and soothes some of your fears.

I’m not going to lie, I spent a lot of time during the first play through thinking that Teddy was a bad guy.

As you’re searching for the memories, if you’re spotted by one of the monsters, your only solutions are to run away or to hide under a piece of furniture. There’s no way to fight them off, because you’re a toddler.

The mystery behind the monster is really sad, actually. It turns out, as evidenced by the toddler’s perspective (and all of the empty wine bottles spread out around the house) that Mom is an alcoholic because Mom and Dad are divorced. The floating, humming monster is drunk mom, wandering aimlessly throughout the house, while stomping, scary monster is hungover mom.

The game ends with the toddler and Teddy being rescued by Dad, which to me is a happy ending.