Dear Quintilius,

What is the point of voting? I feel as though my voice isn’t heard and my vote doesn’t truly matter.


Sincerely, Lost Hope In Democracy


Dear Democrazy,

Democracy is a fickle beast, one that cannot be satisfied with votes of incompetent citizens. No one enjoys taking the time to vote for leaders they don’t care about who also don’t care about them. The political terms are too short and the goals too short sighted for any politician to make a real difference.

Sometimes our elected leaders do effective work for a four-year term and sometimes they run policies on creating billions in debt, saying the economy will balance itself. But neither of those really matter when in another few years that party will be out of office and the new party will break down all the old decisions previously made.

No one’s voice is heard in the winds of change, only the majority makes the slightest difference and their votes are finicky at best. See in the days of empire we had one person efficiently lead our society. They did not have to try and woo the people who knew nothing of worldly topics, all they had to do was keep people fed and entertained.

Emperors did not have to convince us why they should lead they showed us through actions. A lot of work and progress can be made on a national level when you don’t have to try and convince people why you should lead. You can get real, meaningful work done when you spend your time working opposed from when you spend your time talking.


All Salute The Eternal City,


Qunitilius of Rome