Paw Pass And Its Benefits

The start of a new school year brings upon many things such as financial constraints, headaches and stress. However, it also brings in new discounts for both Brandon University and Assiniboine Community College students. Each year the Brandon University Students Union (BUSU) and the Assiniboine Community College Students Association (ACCSA) put together a student initiative called the Paw Pass. The Paw Pass in reality is a little sticker that goes on the back side of your student card. However, by presenting your student card with the Paw Pass sticker attached to various local businesses you could receive a hefty discount!

Obviously not every business in Brandon and the surrounding area take part in the Paw Pass program although there are over fifty businesses that do! These businesses range from dining establishments and entertainment facilities to apparel stores and health organizations. Some are dine-in restaurants such as the Wok Box while others are fast food places or pizza joints such as Dominos. The majority of businesses that participate in the Paw Pass program offer discounts between 10%-20%. However, there are a few that offer a greater percentage. One such business is Dominos pizza which offers students 40% off any pizza when you order online using the coupon code BOBCATS for BU students or ACC2018 for ACC students. Another great pizza place also provides students with a break when it comes to their financial resources. Papa Johns Pizza offers students 50% off regular menu priced pizza and 25% off on all side items. Finally, switching gears out of the pizza business, Lasting Image offers all students a discount of 25% off all block mounting, laminating and dry mounting. All three of these businesses are less than five minutes away from campus!

One last thing you should know about the Paw Pass is that the discount aren't limited to the City of Brandon alone! There are a couple of businesses outside of Brandon that are also part of the Paw Pass Program. These include the Dairy Queen at Neepawa which offers a 15% discount to students as well as the Super Thrifty Drug Store in Dauphin which also offers a 15% discount on regular priced merchandise. 

To receive your Paw Pass sticker head on down to the BUSU office, located on the first floor of the Knowles-Douglas Building. They are open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. You will also receive a Paw Pass pamphlet detailing the discounts each business offers as well as any restrictions that may be in effect. Now that you know the most vital and important information there is for students to know get out there and grab those discounts! Everyone, and I do mean everyone, loves a bargain. As students any chance you get to save even a small fraction of money I advise you take it.