On the Shoulder’s of Giants

Tucked away in the comparatively uneventful, prairie located city of Brandon Manitoba, Brandon University is no Harvard or Western, but we do have our own graduates to brag about that got their start to greatness here. In case any of you were doubting your small investment of your souls and financial stability, there is potential and possibility.
    For starters we have the renowned Tommy Douglas, for those of you who aren’t aware this Brandon University alumni was the head of the party responsible for introducing Canada’s enviable healthcare system. Side note he was also a journalist for the student newspaper, clearly an indication of greatness. Other notable politicians who have attended BU include Brian Pallister the current Premier of Manitoba, Walter Dinsdale a politician noted for his work alongside disabled people, and Merv Tweed an MP from 2004-2013 for the Brandon-Souris constituency.

Stepping outside of politics, we’ve got Betty Gibson, whose name you might be familiar with due to the elementary school named in her honour here in Brandon. She was highly influential in contributing to the mathematics and language arts programs in Manitoba, she also boasted two children’s novels and was introduced to the Brandon University Hall of Fame back in 2003.

The next notable member in our list includes Errol Black, author, professor, activist, and city councillor. Proud writer and editor of the book “Building a Better World: An Introduction to Trade Unionism in Canada” published in 2008, he analyzes the existence of unions in the Canadian labour force and various phenomenon which challenge unions.

You want fame? We’ve got famous. School of music graduate, actress and singer Allison Hossack has appeared in popular media ranging from the TV series “Another World” to “Supernatural”. Sports more your thing? True to the Canadian dream, Bachelor of Arts holder Andy Murray graduated from Brandon university and went on to become an NHL head coach for teams such as the LA Kings and St. Louis Blues. He even received the honorary degree Doctor of Laws from BU in May 2017. 

Receiving points for creativity, Olivia Poole a student of music at Brandon College, she invented the “Jolly Jumper” in 1910. The Ojibway woman grew up on the White Earth Indian Reservation and drawing inspiration from her indigenous customs she successfully designed Jolly Jumper using an ax handle, steel spring and cloth diaper. She became one of the first indigenous women to patent an invention in the year 1957.

Brandon University may be small but we’ve got our success stories scattered all across the board. With luck and dedication (along with all nighters and cram sessions) you can join the list of triumphant alumni. Best of luck wherever you end up!