Finding your way around campus

    Welcome freshman to the university life. You may have already noticed a few differences between B.U and your hometown high school, one of those being the size of your new school. Although we have one of the smaller campuses of all the Universities in Canada it might still seem a daunting task to navigate the many corridors and buildings in your first weeks of University. Have no fear you’ll get the lay of the land rather quickly and in no time you'll have as much trouble in finding classrooms as the star nosed mole has finding a drowning worm (look it up, it's cool). It never hurts to have just a little help along the way, so read on for a basic rundown of the layout of your campus.

    We begin with the George T. Richardson centre, this is where the library is located. Ensure that you make yourself familiar with all the study nooks and crannies located therein. Come exam time the library fills right up. I suggest the north stacks or the music library if you are looking for peace. Also in this building are the Indigenous Peoples Centre and the Evans theatre. You may enter the Music building through the Music library or at the north end of the McKenzie building. Music students have the best lounge located in the basement, go check it out. In the A.E. McKenzie building the hallway to the north of the library entrance, is where student services is located. These services are here to help you through your year, go talk to them if you are having trouble adapting to BU or need support in your classes. 

    If you are in the Arts program Clark Hall will most likely be the place where you're spending all of your time. If you prefer a more private location for studying or need a place to work on your group project, then plop a seat in one of the study rooms in the building. When your work is done you might have to drop off your papers in the Arts office. This room can be found at the south end of the building. If you leave by the doors next to the Arts office and head to the building south of you, where you end up is the Knowles Douglas building. BUSU, Forbidden Flavours, the book store, and of course The Quill office are all located here. Travel a little farther and you'll make it to the Brody Building, where Science happens!  Check out the many club rooms, but beware of the NUCLEUS (they have nerf guns). All joking aside, if you are in the Sciences you'll need to know where to find Jerome. He's on the 2nd floor. 

    Aside from these places you still have the gym, Education, and Health studies buildings. The best thing to do is just to go out and explore the campus yourself. You will be spending quite a chunk of your life here at BU so you may as well get familiar with the layout of the campus early on.