BU Mental Health Researchers: Men Of Westman

There is a new research project taking place in the Westman region which focuses on the mental health of men in the region. This has been part of a two year study that seeks to address the growing mental health concerns in the Prairie provinces. The research is founded in previous studies which looked at the suicide rate of men on the prairie which lead to the highest rate in Canada outside the Territorial North.

The research is focused specifically on the local region cause although progress has been made in the mental health awareness and destruction of harmful stigmas areas, different initiatives can only do so much. Movember helps bring some awareness and the Let’s Talk campaign normalizes the sharing portion but specific challenges of the region and men of the area is whats being specially studied. The team is looking for men across the region to participate in small group discussions or share stories one-on-one. Anyone interested in participating in the project can contact Rachel Herron, Canada Research Chair in Rural and Remote Mental Health and a member of BU’s Department of Geography, at 204-727-9771 or at HerronR@BrandonU.ca.