Dreams About Someone I’ve Never Met

Another dream of thee again

Even when we never met, explain

Why my mind likes thee so much.

Moments of thee are worth clutching

Thy more appealing then all known

Starry Nights over Rhone

It might be the smile that has shone

Light revealing my shadow’s glow

Perhaps once upon a dream I

Will not be full of such shyness

And relieve my own agony

Or once upon the reality

Endeavour the truth as to why

My anima chose to be thee

I’ve been caught by a siren

Distant from thee, a tragedy

Optional Commentary:

The first two lines is me asking a question about why I keep having dreams about a girl I had never talked to before. In the third line “mind” refers to the unconscious mind, and what I am inferring here is that maybe unconsciously I have a crush on this person without even knowing so. The forth line has to do with one of the things I believe about dreams. I do not think dreams are just random nonsense and have no meaning. So, I try to remember all the moments of this person while attempting to decipher what they mean. In terms of Aristotle’s view on dreams I am just dreaming about this person because I was near this person during the day. Or in other words like when you look at something bright and an after image persists. From Freud’s perspective dreams are manifestations of unconscious wishes and desires that are left unfulfilled. Fifth line is talking about how this person like a Japanese cherry blossom flower, is attractive and almost alluring. The sixth line is an allusion to one of my favourite paintings by my favourite painter, Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Nights over Rhone. I am comparing the beauty of this person to an incredibly stunning piece of art. The seventh line hints at the fact that I am not sure why this person is appealing. The eighth line has to do with the fact that, brighter lights tend to make more prominent shadows in certain cases. “Shadow” is an allusion the to Jung’s archetype the shadow. So, when I am around this person my shadow becomes more prominent and visible. In line nine and ten, even in a dream I have never talked to this person, so maybe in a dream one-night I might be able to change that fact. In line eleven agony in my case is describing immense curiosity and wonder, I am so curious about it that it has caused an invasion of the mind. Line twelve and thirteen like line nine, is now suggesting maybe in the real world I will speak to this person and find out who they are. In the fourteenth line “anima” is a reference to another one of Carl Jung’s archetypes the anima/animus. Which in a nutshell is the unconscious feminine side of a male. Line fifteen, is referring to the fact that the animus can behave like a siren and lure people with its voice and beauty. Siren in this case is an allusion to a mythological creature that lures sailors with their enchanting voices. The final line is talking about how I feel like my anima has captured me under its spell, and thus it is a tragedy.