Community Centre was in Flames

Torn From Flames bassist Matt Friesen. (Holly Kalyniuk / The Quill)

Anybody walking past Park Community Centre on the evening of March 2 missed a phenomenal show inside. Stage virgins Stand Against This World, eccentric punk-metal-electronic duo Fungus Puck, and progressive metal/hardcore band Torn From Flames joined forces to musically enlighten and entertain (and nearly deafen) the spectators who congregated to mosh, sway, and head bang.

The warm-up band was Stand Against This World, who held their own, given the show was their first time hitting the stage. Supplying the small crowd with adrenaline-pumping screamo metalcore tunes, the group exceeded expectations among both people new to and familiar with Brandon’s metal scene and the genre.

Following This World’s lead, Fungus Puck delivered their promised “furious flying limbs” through Jason Alcock’s theatrical and impressive drumming style. They incorporated their signature layered-synthesizer sounds skillfully manipulated by David Thiel, who also wooed crowds with his incredibly technical bass playing.

Torn From Flames took the stage last, raising the energy in the centre to a whole new level. With each member toting a different stuffed bear (Why? “Because bears.”), including a bear puppet with a microphone in its mouth held by frontman Josh Hildebrandt, TFF was capricious as always. From bassist Matt Friesen walking among the crowd and rolling around on the ground to Hildebrandt tossing his mic aside to mosh, the energetic group delivered the performance fans had been craving ever since their last gig at SUDS on Halloween.

The gig was put on by the group We’re Hear For the Music (WHFM), a group whose “goal is to generate live shows (of all genre) for people of all ages in Brandon.” Organized by Avalon Shavers, a student of Brandon’s Neelin High School, WHFM supports local musicians and regularly creates events throughout the city.

This World has an upcoming show in Winnipeg, and TFF is scheduled to play alongside Brandon’s Out F’Sync at SUDS on March 22.