First live band at the Dock

File photo. Reel Brew. (Facebook / Reel Brew)

Rumor confirmed! The Dock on Princess announced on Friday, January 25th that they will be playing host to Brandon’s own Reel Brew on Friday, March 15th and Saturday, March 16th during St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

The Irish/East Coast pub band consists of Tim Stackhouse, Matthew Zimmerman and Maria Cherwick, all of whom juggle vocals, bodhran, guitar and fiddle while indulging in their favorite poison: Guinness, rum, and vodka, respectively. The trio have burdened themselves with the glorious “goal to drink the Prairies dry” and “school you on the likes of the Irish Rovers, the Dubliners, [and] the Pogues”.  Admittedly, I have no idea what any of that even means, which makes the event all the more enticing!

Given that the group is The Dock’s first live band, the event is definitely worth interrupting your St. Patty’s Day plans for, regardless of whether you are authentically Irish or faux-Irish with a bad dye job and “Kiss Me—I’m Irish” pins. Even if they don’t sound like your typical idea of a fun night, expand your musical taste, mark your calendars and make room for the humour, musical skill and Irish charm of Reel Brew.