Elder Doris Pratt Receives Achievement Award

Doris Pratt. (Brandon University)

Elder Doris Pratt was the recipient of the BU Senate Lifetime Achievement Award from Brandon University. She received the Lifetime Achievement Award at this previous Homecoming Weekend at the Homecoming Dinner and Awards Ceremony. Homecoming weekend took place from the 12th to the 15th of October.

Elder Doris Pratt specializes in the Dakota language, and has been an advocate for its continuing use and revitalization. She is currently an Educational Elder Advisor for Sioux Valley Education, and has been involved in educational administration for three decades. Pratt’s specialization can be seen in her work, which has been published on multiple occasions in works such as “Dakota Imakhmakhapi Woyakapi: A Collection of Humour and Bravery” which consists of twenty-five stories in both English and Dakota. In addition to this she has developed various educational materials being used in the education systems.

Her mainstream education consists of a Master of Education from Brandon University, along with an Educational Specialist Degree from the University of Arizona. Her traditional education comprise of teachings from her family and community knowledge carriers.

The Lifetime Achievement Award acknowledges long term service and volunteering commitment to Brandon University, in addition to continuing on with the commitments and principles that Brandon University strives for.