BUSU Promotes Mental Health App All Week

I.M. Well app info. (Brandon University Students' Union)

The Brandon University Students’ Union will be in the Mingling Area this week promoting the mental health app, I.M. Well.

With finals quickly approaching, many students may be feeling the inevitable anxiety and panic associated with looming deadlines. The I.M. Well app allows its users to create a profile, which specifies the university that said user attends. From there, the user is able to access several resources to aid in mental health recovery. The app is not intended to replace BU’s existing resources, such as the counsellors available in the student accessibility office, but to support them. Through I.M. Well, users have access to the 24/7 chat feature, which is exceptionally useful for students who require a mental health professional outside of traditional office hours, or if students simply aren’t comfortable speaking about what is going on in their brains face-to-face with someone they don’t know very well.

The app also features a mood tracker, a reminder system (to help keep track of things students may lose focus of while under a lot of stress, such as eating regular meals, taking regular showers, and drinking water), as well as providing the contact information for a variety of support networks, including but not limited to Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba, Alcoholics Anonymous, and the BUSU Food Bank.

For more information about the app and what BUSU can do for you, come and see your Friendly Neighbourhood BUSU reps as they table in the Mingling Area of the Knowles-Douglas Centre throughout the week.

The I.M. Well app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store for iOS, or the Google Play Store for Androids.