Brandon University Professor Wins National Award

Dr. Schneider. (Brandon University)

Brandon University Sociology professor was recently recognized on a national level. Dr. Christopher J. Schneider recieved the Public Education award from the Canadian Criminal Justice Association (CCJA) in recognition of his commitment to contributing to public education of criminal justice. The Public Education award goes to individuals who advance the public’s understanding of a need for a humane and effective criminal justice system.

Dr. Schneider has done much in the field of public education. He has sat on public panels, given a variety of public lectures, and has even given education presentations to criminal justice workers across the country.

Over the course of the last eight years, Schneider has done over four hundred and fifty media interviews to expand his message regarding the criminal justice system. These sessions included interviews with The New York Times, CBC, and The Globe and Mail, amongst others.

Dr. Schneider is also known for his work following the Vancouver riots of 2011. During this time, Dr. Schneider urged the public to refrain from calls for swift justice, citing that the due process was an important one. Schneider has also authored a book titled Policing and Social Media: Social Control in an Era of New Media. The well-received book has been reviewed by many media platforms such as Maclean’s, The Vancouver Sun, and CBC Radio. Policing and Social Media: Social Control in an Era of New Media was recently featured on a CBC Documentary titled “Enforcing the Message: How Police are Communicating with the Public.” The documentary focused on how Canadian police forces across the country are changing their ways in communicating with the public.

In regards to receiving the award at the CCJA Biennial Congress, Schneider says it was an honor:

“It is an honor to be selected to receive this prestigious award,” stated Schneider in a Brandon University press release, going on to say that being recognized by the CCJA has a lot of importance to him.

“To be recognized for my modest public outreach efforts by an organization that has made it its purpose to develop and promote humane responses to criminal justice is so meaningful.”

This past CCJA Biennial Congress was held in Toronto between October 23rd and 25th of this year.