Arts Director Candidate: Laura Davidson

(Credit: Ashlyn Pearce/The Quill)

The Quill: What do you feel most qualifies you for this position?

Laura Davidson: I feel that I am a good fit for the Arts Director position because I have strong leadership skills, I’m reliable, and have experience, as I am the current Arts Director. I am involved in various school groups, including student leadership. I have been a student leader for two years and worked on BUSU as Arts Director for almost a year. By being a student leader, I became more active within the student body and it motivated me to apply for the Arts Director position last year. Working on BUSU this past year has contributed to my personal development as a leader and as a student. The skills and knowledge that I have gained as your current Arts Director will allow me to successfully perform as your Arts Director for the 2017/2018 school year.

TQ: Please explain one goal that you would like to achieve in the position, should you be elected.

LD: My goal has been and continues to be providing a strong voice for all Arts students on our campus. I believe that I am well suited for this role as your Arts Director because I am a hard worker, reliable and have strong leadership skills. The skills that I have gained as your current Arts Director motivated me to grow as both an advocate and student. By selecting me to be your Arts Director again I will use the skills that I have gained to successfully represent your voice on our campus.

TQ: What is your favourite campus event/activity, and why?

LD: Throughout this school year I have attended many wonderful events, but the one that stands out to me was the November 2nd, 2016 National Day of Action event. The reason was because this event motivated students to come together to stand up for their rights. I believe that when we as a student body come together we can make a difference.

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 23, February 28th, 2017.