International Director Candidate: Carlos Acuña

(Credit: Ashlyn Pearce/The Quill)

The Quill: What do you feel most qualifies you for this position?

Carlos Acuña: What most qualifies me for this position is the experience as a Floor Representative in Darrach Hall. In this position I look after students in residence and most of those students are international students from different parts of the world and I do events for all of them. The council itself is made up of international students along with Canadian students. So this has given me experience on dealing with different international students from different parts of the world. Also at the place I work, most of the employees are from a foreign country and most of my close friends are international students too. So I have had the opportunity to interact and work with tons of people from different countries and when it comes to [looking] after the international students’ interests I believe I am the perfect fit for this job.

TQ: Please explain one goal that you would like to achieve in the position, should you be elected.

CA: I have three main goals, I am going to help international students to establish [themselves] in this university, I am going to promote the enrollment of international students in this university, and I am going to promote the socialization between international students. I already have several strategies that I am going to be using to achieve these goals and I am still working on more.

TQ: What is your favourite campus event/activity, and why?

CA: I really like the summer events that both [BUSU] and the residence councils organize like Movie nights, Concerts, Outdoor games, Socials at [SUDS], etc. I enjoy socializing with all kinds of people [at] these events.

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 23, February 28th, 2017.