BU Awarded Several Research Grants

A total of 23 faculty research projects at Brandon University have been provided with grants by the Brandon University Research Committee (BURC) that in summation total $118,000. This strong financial contribution to the research efforts at BU will hopefully aid in fostering a growing spirit of discovery at Brandon University. Among the 23 projects supported, 13 were awarded the New Faculty research Grant. Which provides a maximum of $7,500 to faculty members that have joined the Brandon University family within the last three years. “A strong track record of research is one of the qualities that we look for when recruiting new faculty,” said Dr. Heather Duncan, BU’s Associate Vice-President (Research). “The funding that we can provide through BURC encourages our new faculty members to continue their pursuit of innovation and discovery. The experience they gain through BURC-funded projects helps build a foundation for even greater research success in the future.”

Research grants, with a total value of $4,000 each, comprise the remaining grants allotted by the Brandon University Research Committee. “The scope and diversity of the research being done by our faculty are quite impressive,” said Dr. Meir Serfaty, Acting Vice-President (Academic & Provost) at BU. “We are proud of the recognition and support they are receiving for their work, nationally and beyond. Their research provides answers to important questions faced in our communities, and complements their role as educators as they inspire curiosity and exploration in our students.”

Funding for research projects at Brandon University is crucial for a number of reasons. The potential discoveries made by our various laboratories and research facilities here at BU could aid in securing answers to the questions of the broader society or find solutions to problems plaguing us as a nation or species. Perhaps more relevant to those focused on direct benefits to BU and the Brandon community is the positive attention local research draws to BU. Cutting edge research may attract national funding which contributes to further growth of BU. The Funding for the grants provided by BURC for example is itself provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) as well as a variety of internal funds.

Further information on research projects that are supported by BURC grants can be gained from the periodical publication, Research Connection, produced by the BU Office of Research Services and the Faculty of Education’s Centre for Aboriginal and Rural Education Studies. Visit BrandonU.ca/Research-Connection.