MJ Policy at BU 

Starting October 17th Cannabis will be legalized across Canada. As a result of this new legislation Brandon University will be making changes to their administrative and Board policies in regards to the use of marijuana on BU property. The Board meeting to develop these policies will occur on September 22nd. 

In accordance with Manitoba legislation Cannabis will not be allowed to be smoked anywhere on the Brandon University campus as it is public property. Policies will also be developed that address the medical use of marijuana on campus. 

The legal use of Cannabis in Manitoba comes with its own set of rigid regulations. The legal age for possession, purchase and use of Marijuana has been set to 19 years old. This age, according to the Government of Manitoba website, was decided upon to “keep cannabis out of the hands of youth, protect the health of young people and restrict the legal market.”.

Multiple Acts were put in place to promote the safe distribution and retail of cannabis in the public which state that all stores or online businesses selling cannabis must be provincially licensed. Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries is responsible for all marijuana that is available for retail and businesses must source their product through them. 

Changes were made to The Highway Traffic Act to incorporate consequences for drug-impaired driving. Drivers may receive a 24-hour suspension on their license with the possibility of further consequences if a police officer believes the driver is under the influence of drugs. Cannabis must be kept in an inaccessible compartment of the vehicle when it is in use. 

For more information on the legalization of cannabis in Manitoba you can visit the Government of Manitoba website gov.mb.ca. More information about the Brandon University policies regarding the use of cannabis on campus will be available after the Board meeting on September 22nd.