What The Hell(o)

You’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. You probably have wondered: What the hell does it mean? The bright yellow signs posted in yards, windows and on the boulevard that greet students from both post-secondary institutions in the Wheat City. These The Big Hello are part of a social media campaign to highlight the relationship between Assiniboine Community College and Brandon University.

Assiniboine Community College and Brandon University are the two dominant post-secondary institutions in Brandon and have created these campaigns to highlight the collaborations between these institutions. Partnerships include the 2+2 programs, a new joint program in Public History as well as shared residence spaces.

“Having two post-secondary institutions in a community the size of ours brings many enormous advantages — for students who appreciate the quality and options we can offer, for all levels of government who can invest through us in economic and labour-market growth, and for the business and community organizations who benefit from the passion, creativity and industry of our students, faculty and staff,” said ACC President Mark Frison.

Interim BU President Steve Robinson echoed similar sentiments of how Brandon benefits from its students, “Students come to Brandon and share with us their perspectives, their ambition and their energy. As they graduate and move full-time into the workforce and into civic life, the skills and insight they develop through education provide significant economic, cultural and social benefits to us all.”

Both institutions enrich the Westman Community with Bobcat games at the HLC, The Grey Owl at the North End ACC campus and the Western Centennial Hall which provides a space for musical performances. While these facilities were designed with students in mind, its integration into the wider community has formed an invaluable connection between ACC, BU, Brandon and the surrounding area.