What To Do When Graduation Is Approaching

The winter semester is coming around to its final weeks and students, like me, who are graduating are finding themselves in the crux of a chapter of their life. It is the day we all worked so hard for. That piece of paper that signifies so much. That blue and gold robe you will wear as you walk down the aisle. Your family, friends, loved ones; all watching. However, despite all the happiness of the day, it is a daunting one too. University becomes a daily routine and now we are finding ourselves leaving the familiarity of our campuses for a step in a new direction. Here are 3 things to remember when you take these first few steps. 

1. This is NOT when your life begins. 

Everyone will tell you “Welcome to the Real World.” No, this is the real world. Here and now. Suddenly graduating is not going to jumpstart all you have built till now. This is perhaps a good rule of thumb for every student in general, who delay building professional experiences and human character till after their degrees and find themselves too naive for the world outside their textbooks. It is extremely intimidating to leave your comfort zone, but you should prepare yourself ahead of time. It’s been real all this time, but now it is time to put it to use. 

2. Don’t compare yourself to your peers. 

Very important. And a general rule for life. Don’t self-sabotage. Many of your friends may already have their jobs lined up. Maybe some are travelling and taking time off school and maybe some are going right off to grad school. Maybe someone has their career all figured out and maybe you are still trying to find who exactly you are and what you want to do with your degree. Regardless, remember to go at your own pace and not to compare yourself or self deprecate, but rather to self improve. See it as a drive and excel even more. 

3. Enjoy your last college days. 

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This is a stressful time of the year but also a time you will not get back. Go to that party your friends have been nudging you to go to. Talk to your professors and let them know how they have helped shaped your academic life. Be thankful to have gotten an education when so many around the world are denied the right. Just remember to breathe through all your assignments and know you are going to do well if you put in the hard work. 

Good Luck!