Bobcats Basketball

This past weekend out in Saskatchewan, the Bobcats were locked in battle with the Cougars of the University of Regina. The men would get a mixed bag of a win and loss, and the women would get a thrashing the first night and another pair of losses.

The women’s Friday night resulted in one of the biggest travesties this reporter has ever seen with regards to the score. The women of BU were outscored 51-118. Each quarter was dominated by the Cougars, the Bobcats were not even able to break more than 20 points a quarter. Where they really fell behind was in the first quarter when BU was down by 29 points.

Saturday the women once again fell behind in the first quarter although this time it was a far closer lead from the Cougars. The women would fall away little by little but still clinging to the heels of Regina. This game would end with the final score of 73-92. Top players for the weekend were Lauren Anderson who had 22 points and Keisha Cox at 24 points.

The men’s Friday night was an intense match where the Bobcats fought tooth and nail for every point. Each quarter was high scoring with the final quarter having almost 60 points scored by each team. With the edge going to the Bobcats, winning the game 106-97.

Saturday night the game was closely matched throughout each quarter. There was some give and take on each side but BU would end up losing 75-83. Top players of the weekend were Jonathan Range with 32 points and Tyvon Cooper with 38 points.

The Bobcat women’s record goes to 2-14 and the men’s record goes to 8-8. To check out any of the Bobcats stats please go to the Bobcats official website at Basketball will take place here next weekend where the Bobcats will face off with the U of S Huskies! Best of luck in your next games!