Bobcats Soccer

The Bobcat soccer teams are back out and active! However its not out in the fields that the men and women are playing but in the warmth of the gym! That’s right, the Futsal season has started at BU and the Bobcats received a little taste of everything this weekend with a win, a tie and two losses.

The women’s team took a tie on Saturday in their first game. They played against Red River and each scored 2 points. Their second game was also on Saturday, but this time against St. Boniface. Here the Bobcats took a loss 2-4.

The men’s team also played two games this weekend. Their battle against Red River went rather well for the men as they won 7-4. The next game against St. Boniface would result in a loss for men, losing 4-6.

These are the first games the Bobcats have played since the playoffs in October. The Bobcats next games take place on the 26th at the HLC against the ACC Cougars. The women’s record will start off as 0-1-1 while the men will have a 1-1. Best of luck in your next games!