ACC Cougars

This past weekend was pretty tame for the Cougars but rather impressive for their volleyball program. The women’s volleyball team made it into the MCAC final four and faced off with the Providence University College Pilots on Saturday.

The women had a tough season but fought hard for their position in the MCAC league. They were able to beat Les Rouges, St. Boniface, out of a playoff spot and had a total record of 5 wins and 11 losses. This is despite their significantly smaller amount of total assists and kills. The Cougars worked hard this past weekend but the women would be unable to win a single set.

         The game took place at Red River College at 6:00pm where the Cougars would meet their match. The PUC Pilots were ranked first in the MCAC standing while the ACC Cougars were ranked fourth. They lost three straight sets to the Pilots, 18-25, 18-25, and 19-25. Skyla Vanmackelberg led the Cougars with 8 kills and Erica Scott followed with 7 kills, while Brittany Bachmier led the team with 13 digs, Erica Scott and Kalin Winter had 10 digs each.

The final game of the MCAC final four was played on Sunday where the PUC Pilots faced the CMU Blazers. The women’s volleyball championship was claimed by the Pilots in the fourth set of the match.

         The volleyball season concludes for the Cougars but their futsal season continues! The Futsal teams next games take place on March 3rd against CMU Blazers and PUC Pilots. Best of luck Cougars!