How To Make The Most Of What You Got

So you only have an inch or so article to work with but an open space that needs filler. You’re worried, societal norms tell you its embarrassing to only have this much and its even worse yet if you can’t satisfy it. Well let me tell you, you are not a lost cause, There are lots of options to fill space and make some things appear bigger when clearly they are not.

First you need to trim. Get rid of all the excess stuff you don’t need that is making your article look smaller than it needs to be. I’m not saying remove everything but something’s are not helping you. 

Second you need pictures at just the right angles. Angles of images are everything. Ever notice when you look down on something its generally small but when your looking up at something we consider it big? Find that perfect angle.

Finally just be confident. No one will notice how small it is if you just play it off or own up to it. So what its small? Its yours and you are wonderful. Life is too short to get caught up on the little things.