Anti-Valentines Day

Love is a disease

it starts with a carrier

unaffected by the pathogen 

it knowingly spreads

Love is extremely contagious

so much as a single look

is often enough to infect

The carrier finds a victim

unaware of the danger

as eyes meet, hearts palpitate

spreading the venom quicker

Pheromones flood logic centres

neurotoxins inducing insanity

the jade wasp walks its prey

towards the regrettably chill flicks of net

That compel roaches to walk off cliffs

carrying flowers and chocolates

seeking a rainbow bridge of hope

finding no more than pretty-coloured moisture

Nurturing parasitic demon babies that burst out of a scooped clean chest

a dine and dash leaving their guest

to pay the unsettled romance cheque

and the hotel room? left a wreck

Befouled by graffiti on room walls written

in what smells like Odin's urine

Roses come in more hues than red

Violets are violet not blue

There's more to romance than what's said

On some card conveying love to you