Dear Quintilius,

Why do Manitoban’s call the public holiday “Louis Riel Day” opposed from Ontarian’s who call it “Family Day”?

Sincerely, Traitor’s Over Family?


Dear Easterner,

Louis Riel Day is an established day in Manitoba that represents the interdependent relationship that Manitoba has with the rest of Canada. Manitoba is a crucial piece of the diverse puzzle of Canada and an entity capable of making its own crucial developments on grand scales. Manitoba was the first province of the west and it seems proper that it is defined in subtle differences across language and traditions.

Ontarian’s, synonymous with fools, have this funny way of making everything about them. “Why would anyone change the name of Family Day? Do those backwards Manitobans not understand the value of family?” The province of Manitoba understands the need for diversity in challenging times, the idea that everything need not conform perfectly and that some ideals are worth fighting for.

The holiday did not even originate in Ontario! Alberta was the first to introduce the holiday and all the other provinces just jumped aboard with their own versions. Some kept the name, some found something more significant. You know what else Manitoba has that is different from Ontario? Socials for partying, Churchill for exploring the great north, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and a legendary bear named after its provincial capital! 

Manitoba chose the name Louis Riel Day over the others because it was created by people who had a right to choose, to be pushed around or to defend its inhabitants cultures and ways of life. Louis Riel continues providing a meaningful vision and creating a historically respectful path for the future.

All Salute The Eternal City,

Quinitilius of Rome