Becoming A Mother Of Dragons

So you want to become a mother to your own army of powerful dragons?

Excellent! Dragons are wonderful creatures, powerful and fearsome and overall loyal to their parents.

To become a mother to Dragons there are some crucial steps you must follow.

  • First you must find some eggs to make your own. Using Danaerys as our direct and awesome example, one might receive them as a wedding gift. Great! An easy no muss no fuss kinda situation.

  • Next is to keep your eggs warm and hatch them, this also includes some blood magic. Hatching your new dragon egg will mean taking the life of another on a pyre and getting in and out of the flames unscathed. Simple really.

  • Once your dragons have been successfully warmed and hatched, and have imprinted on you like ducklings to whatever might be standing nearest to them at the time. It is then necessary to feed them. Your dragons will require livestock and a lot of it. I suggest making really good friends with a shepherd.

  • Although dragons can't be domesticated, they can be persuaded into following commands much like a dog. If you can train a dog why not a dragon? Dragons can and will respond to voice commands if given the time and patience to allow them to learn. If all else fails, earn the dragons trust and affection by bribing them. Much like a cat. 

  • By following these easy steps laid out by the true Mother of dragons Danaerys Targaryen then you too can become a mother of dragons or an off brand kahleesi.