How To Win A Melee Tournament

When a special occasion arises such as a wedding, name-day, or Honour ceremony, one can only expect to be invited to a tourney.

A tourney or tournament is a celebratory event typically hosted by noble houses, in which several competitive contests are held such as: Jousting, Archery, Axe Throwing, Horse Racing, or a Melee.

A Melee is a competition with two or more men using swords, axes or maces to engage in combat. The goal of this competition is to knock the opponent over and be the last person or team standing, while trying your best to avoid accidentally decapitating your opponent (which is frowned upon in this particular circumstance).

So which is the best weapon to accomplish this task? Certainly not a sword, in which accidental evisceration can occur, maybe an axe though the same could be said for it. My personal choice would be a mace.

Maces come in many different shapes and sizes, and can come with different knobs or flanges on the top part of the weapon. There is such thing as two handed maces!

Now imagine being in combat with a sturdy long bodied mace set to stun. What is the best way to take the opponent down from here? With many options to choose from here are a few: 

  • Closing ones eyes ad swing wildly using the strength and ambition of a person who’s had one too many drinks and not early enough bread to counteract it?

  • Standing still until your opponent is close and startling them with a sudden high pitched scream proceeding to attack while they’re confused and disoriented. 

  • Making an actual plan of attack, assuming you will be partaking in a group battle with your fellow army men. Taking the strongest opponents out first and finishing with the weakest links that are left last on the field of battle with no support to save them.

What ever strategy or lack there of you choose. It is sure to be a battle of drunk laughter, merriment and cheers from the crowd. Not to mention the ache of regret the next morning when that post tourney hangover sets in.