Self Sacrifice For Dummies

For this article we will be addressing the ever present need for self-sacrifice. Figures far and wide in Westeros have both mastered and failed at this important trope, so here’s a guide on how to make the most of your final flailing.

  1. Don’t be Ned Stark. When sacrificing oneself- do not place your faith in a preteen King with psychotic tendencies. 

  2. Remember, it’s only self-sacrifice if you’re sacrificing yourself, siblings, loyal allies, and random citizens don’t count. 

  3. Had a moment of foresight and saw your moment of sacrifice? Devote your life to your predestined duty of dutiful death. Can’t forget if you only remember it.  

  4. Guarding the lives of various political figures is a sure way to die. It’s the classic way to get that self-sacrificial role, they’ll leave you behind to flee from danger or send you into a hopeless battle and boom- you’re dead. 

Now for the dramatics. Sure, it’s noble and everything no one is debating that. However, there’s no reason one can’t go out without a little bit of flair. Sarcastic and witty commentary is always a good fall back for those more rogue individuals, or maybe stoic silence in the face of adversity. Dramatic monologues are valid, a little overdone but it’s your moment so go ahead and curse the name of your enemy in whatever deity’s name or share a moment of moral insight. More physical expressions of defiance would include: 

  1. Spitting in the face of your enemy. Gross but effective. 

  2. Flip them off, give them the bird. Let your nonverbal gestures do the talking for you. No worries of misinterpretation here. 

  3. Start dancing. Comedic relief is important. 

  4. Laugh- destroy your adversaries moral. 

Remember though, while this is a brief guide of self-sacrifice “For Dummies” this is an activity that should only be taken on by professionals or those plot relevant. Those individuals include: Members of a royal family outcast or otherwise, those close to a royal figure, those employed by someone with aspirations of royalty.

Happy sacrificing!