What House Are You?

Ever wondered which of the seven great houses of Westeros you’d belong to? Well, this guide is here to help place you in your twisted version of your Hogwarts house. The guide will describe the characteristics of each of the houses, the one that is closest to describing you is your match! 

House Stark: Honor, honor, with a light sprinkling of honor. This house has an obsession with the weather and a tendency to look on the dark side of life! These half frozen people are a good choice for those with a pessimistic outlook and notoriously bad luck. 

House Targaryen: Never gotten over your dragon phase? Do you have dubious mental state leaning toward insanity? Is entitled and arrogant two phrases used to describe you? If yes, this house might just be the right fit for you. 

House Greyjoy: Are you a terrible person with a love for the sea?

House Martell: This house may no longer exist but that doesn’t mean their ideals don’t! Are you just trying your best in a world on fire? Brave and foolhardy this house is not for the faint of heart. 

House Lannister: Ambitious, deceptive, with a particularly disturbing means of displaying affection for their siblings. This house is particularity determined in their goals, with morals often not being a concern of theirs. 

House Tyrell: Good at political games with an added dedication to the aesthetic, this house plays like a Lannister with the goals of a Martell. 

House Baratheon: Terrible at politics, leading, possessing little to no charisma, yet possessing an impressive talent for hitting things. This house is essentially the jocks of Westeros.