The Minions Behind The Crown: Best Armies 

So you’re aspiring to be the next ruler of The Iron Throne, eh? Well, in that case chances are you won’t be the one actually running around with a sword in your hand, and while you can handle the diplomatic talks someone is going to have to handle the fighting. So, what’s really the best army around? For your consideration this article will present the pros and cons of two polarized types of warriors: the classic living human, or the edgy undead. 

Pros of a human army: 

  1. Won’t lose limbs. 

  2. Aren’t animated by a power you don’t understand. 

  3. You don’t have to constantly worry about standing upwind from them. 

Pros of a zombie army: 

  1. Edgy. 

  2. No rations needed, quick way to save on the grocery bill. 

  3. If they get stabbed, they won’t actually die. Quick way to save on your doctor’s bill. 

Now for the downsides of the two. 

Human army: 

  1. They need constant looking after. Like food and water. Some medical attention.

  2. Might revolt due to their possession of a functioning mind and will. 

  3. Monetary compensation will be expected. While some way believe in your claim to the throne, others are just there to pay the bills. 

Zombie army: 

  1. Might try to eat you. 

  2. Highly flammable. No torches, campfires, or particularly hot weather allowed. 

  3. Poor conversation skills. All those dramatic and inspiring speeches you’ve prepared are going to go over their heads. 

So really, it’s a personal preference. Humans are tried and true, and (while sure there’s an entire organization and giant wall dedicated to keeping zombies out) undead are an effective option. Of course, additional considerations should be given such as to the end result of your enterprise. Humans will settle down relatively quickly once they’ve been paid, and you’ll have a loyal guard prepared. Undead on the other hand might try to eat the citizens of your new kingdom. 

Good luck with your campaign either way!